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26.07.2021 | Stuttgart | Company | Porsche Heritage and Museum | Press Release

Fun time with Tina Turbo and Tom Targa to celebrate “50 Years of Porsche Development Weissach”

Exciting summer holiday programme in the Porsche Museum

Stuttgart. After one and half years of home schooling and working from home, it is time for a special fun experience: for the 10th time, the Porsche Museum is offering an exciting free programme for girls and boys between 5 and 13 years of age in the summer holidays. From 3 to 22 August, “Porsche 4Kids” will give young visitors the chance to enjoy a programme on the museum’s event floor from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Based on the topic “50 Years of Porsche Development Weissach”, the kids will go on a journey of discovery – starting with a blank piece of paper, continuing through the first prototypes and testing on a test rig right up to a test drive. The participants in the summer holiday programme, which will take place in German and English, will discover and explore the Weissach Development Centre as a part of an adventure-style game. This Centre is where Porsche has designed, created and tested sports cars for the road and race track for half a century now.

As future developers, the children will be allowed to look behind doors that are normally closed. They will experience the development process of a Porsche at the stations Design, Prototype, Test Rig and Test Drive. The focus will be on the black-and-white 919 Hybrid test mule. The kids will be accompanied by the mascots Tina Turbo and Tom Targa, who will leave their footprints in bronze and red to show the way to the individual stations. At the start, the participants will receive their own personal development booklet, which they can fill with enjoyable memories during the day. At the Design station, the children will produce their first sketch of a Porsche on the cover page. They can use stencils with Porsche silhouettes to help them do this. A digital 3D model will then be produced from this two-dimensional drawing. The journey continues for the future developers at the Prototype station. Here, it literally becomes possible to touch and feel the design ideas: using different sand moulds in Porsche design, the girls and boys can recreate their favourite model in kinetic sand. This fascinating material is ideal for modelling into the desired form.

The next exciting step takes the kids to the test rig, which turns out to be a fun photo booth. At a temperature of supposedly minus 40 degrees Celsius, the kids can pose in the climate chamber without suffering from frostbite – thanks to the ice-effect glass. The last station of the adventure is called Test Drive. A special spot-the-difference task awaits here: the kids have to look for and discover the differences between a test mule and the Porsche Taycan series production car. After finding the camouflaged items, it is time for them to take a test drive: with remote-controlled prototypes, the kids can negotiate their way through chicanes and bends like professional drivers on a track that is based on the Weissach test circuit.

On their tour through the stations, the visitors will repeatedly come across floor markings that serve as game areas. Here they will be asked to answer puzzles, take part in guessing games or to move about. The journey through the mysterious Development Centre ends with series production or, to be more precise, with the children’s dream vehicle. They can configure their own sports car on a large touchscreen. They will then go to the construction stations, where their individual Porsche will be pressed. A souvenir for them to keep.

Those who have not yet seen Tina Turbo and Tom Targa can get to know the pair in advance at the website www.porsche4kids.com. At weekends, Tina and Tom are in the museum as a walking act. Children up to 14 years old have free admission to the museum. Advance registration is not necessary for the free programme. Previous registration at the ticket desks is required only for the guided tours at 10.00 am and 2.00 pm. You can find the current hygiene regulations at: https://www.porsche.com/Museum.

Astrid Böttinger

Communications, Sustainability and Politics

Heritage and Porsche Museum

+49170 911 2065


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Exciting summer holiday programme in the Porsche Museum on the occassion of "50 Years of Porsche Development Weissach"

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