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ROADS by Porsche: Your customized dream route is just a few clicks away

  • App ROADS by Porsche erhält komplette Überarbeitung
  • KI ermittelt die passende Route für jeden Fahrertyp
The ROADS by Porsche app has been around since 2019. It has now been completely revised. The centrepiece of the new ROADS app is the generator for scenic routes. It allows driving fans to find their own individual dream route with just a few clicks.
Stuttgart. ROADS is the free app developed by Porsche for passionate drivers all over the world. Routes along winding country roads, past spectacular sights and scenery, and through untouched villages: In the ROADS Community, drivers from all over the world share their favourite routes and meet in groups to organise drives together. It doesn’t matter what brand or model you drive.

The app was launched in 2019 and now has more than 180,000 users. It has now been completely revised. “The centrepiece of the new ROADS app is the generator for scenic routes”, says Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Porsche AG. “It allows driving fans to find their own individual dream route with just a few clicks. AI works out a suitable route based on various parameters such as the curves of the road, the topography, landscape features, or exciting points of interest. From their starting point, the user can plan a circuit route or navigate to a specific destination – no matter where in the world they are.”

The goal of the algorithm is not the fastest route between two points, but rather the most suitable one for the individual driver. Curvy, balanced or particularly dynamic – the layout of the route can be set in advance. With the built-in navigation, the generated routes can be driven, saved, evaluated and shared with the ROADS Community. Additionally, Apple CarPlay® transfers the route directly to the infotainment screen of many car models.

ROADS by Porsche with its new, clearer design
EIntuitive user guidance was of particular importance to the developers of ROADS. The app’s region-based dashboard gives users many options for getting started in the world of exciting routes. Dynamic filters can be used to find suitable routes for the next drive, with shortcuts making the most popular profiles in the route generator just one click away.

If you want to take in specific sights, the way there can be designed individually by the generator. If you’re undecided, ROADS will inspire you regularly with the route of the week and interesting destinations, which are described using detailed texts and images.

The worldwide ROADS Community connects passionate drivers, who can get to know each other in public and private groups. Like-minded people can chat here and share their experiences.

The new ROADS by Porsche app is immediately available to download in the Apple AppStore.

Further information and photo material is available in the Porsche Newsroom: newsroom.porsche.com

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ROADS by Porsche: Your customised dream route is just a few clicks away